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The Doctor Who and Torchwood Blog Crews
Because the Whoniverse never does anything by halves.
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31st-Jul-2008 07:14 pm - Gwen's pouty moments
As the owner of Gwen's facial expressions, I have to say that they got such a workout in S2 of TW and the DW S4 finale that I fear for their longevity.

A girl can only pout so much without wearing her lips out, and then there's the whole wide-eyed thing she's got going on.

When are we going to get some frowny, squinty peeved Gwen again? I like her.
10th-Aug-2007 04:35 pm - jblum makes us fangirls giggle!
reading recs
Go and laugh your arse off at jblum's dirty witty rebuttal of the fondly remembered It's Hard to Get a Screw When You're a Fan of Doctor Who!

x-posted here for entertainment value!
24th-Jul-2007 02:20 pm - Strangest Claim Poll
[dw] romana ii
Because...well, why not?

Poll #1026978 Strangest Claim

Which of the claims made so far do you think is the strangest?

Jack's lipgloss
Ten's cheeks
Ten's earlobe
The definition of time as a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff
Gwen and Rhys' stapler
Jack's nose
Gwen's facial expressions
Nine's mood swing's
Nine and Ten's 'bigger on the inside' moments
Other (please state in comments)
reading recs
20 x gwen cooper facial expressions (with a sprinkling of eve myles)

I'm such a tease ...

Follow the pouty Welsh girl ...
19th-Jul-2007 12:21 am - Appologise for the shamless plug
Love Steampunk? Love Doctor Who?
Then join dr_wh0m
a community for Fan fic's, Fan art, random scribblings, Discussions on Steampunk elements from the Canon series. all things steampunk and dr who.

-=Mr. Renfield #286=-

(x-posted to one or two places)
18th-Jul-2007 12:59 pm - The Big Shiny Claims List
[dw] romana ii
You can comment here to make a claim, or on the original post in my journal. Both lists will be regularly updated by me. I'll reply to your comment to let you know your claim has been accepted, which should hopefully take no longer than 24 hours.

Claims are awarded on a first come, first serve basis, but since you can claim traits, objects and things as well as characters this shouldn't be much of a problem.

The only rule is that you can only make one claim per fandom (one from Doctor Who, one from Torchwood). You can chose from extended canon (audios, comics, etc) if you wish.

Spoilers, albeit fairly mild ones, for the last three episodes of S3 of New Doctor Who found within the claims list.

Doctor WhoCollapse )

TorchwoodCollapse )

Code for Doctor Who Claims

Code for Torchwood Claims

Feel free to edit the code as much as you wish. I don’t have much skill with HTML.
18th-Jul-2007 12:00 pm - Shameless icon shill
shootydogthing, K-9
I can't make icons to save my life, but redscharlach has made many wonderful icons such as the one above which feature a lot of the items on the list.  Find them here.
18th-Jul-2007 03:26 pm - BANNER COMPETITION
reading recs
Over the next month dwtw_crew will run a banner competition to see who can do better than my quick 5-minute whip-up that's tacked on the top of the comm at the moment. The winner will be the most popular as voted by you.

Technical Specs -
Banner size must be 800x400px.
Format must be jpg|png|gif and saved as a web-optimised file - no animations please!
Banner must be worksafe (sorry!)
A 100x100 icon that matches your banner would be made of win.

Rules -
You can enter as many times as you want.
Entries must be posted as a comment to this entry!! And all entries will be screened to protect your ideas.
Please don't enter something that isn't yours - that's just sneaky.

Submissions close 18th August.
18th-Jul-2007 03:24 pm - confidentially report a spoiler
reading recs

This is the place for you to post any queries you may have, or to report a spoiler.

Please include the following information in your spoiler report:
1. Link to spoiling post.
2. Description of spoiler - fandom, episode/item, type of spoiler (text, image, story, etc).

Thank you for keeping dwtw_crew spoiler free and fun for all!
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