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The Doctor Who and Torchwood Blog Crews

Because the Whoniverse never does anything by halves.

The Doctor Who and Torchwood Blog Crew
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Doctor Who Torchwood Blog Crew Fanlisting
Welcome to dwtw_crew, a community for the Doctor Who and Torchwood Blog Crews. We follow proudly in the footsteps of the Harry Potter and Firefly blog crews, but, our fandom being what it is, just had to go one step further.

The community is for posting things about your claim. For instance, you might post a series of icons or a fic or a review of episodes revolving around your claim for everyone else to enjoy. Or you could just let us know exactly why you made a particular claim. Be as mad and original as you can!

What is a blog crew?

A blog crew isn't a RPG, it’s basically a place where fans get together by claiming their favourite character/thing/character's trait from a fandom. Its kind of like a fan-listing, really. Just shinier.

If you haven't got a claim and want to make one, simply hop over here and do so. Since you can claim people, things or even traits, there is always plenty of choice, and claiming is also ongoing.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Mods - are atraphoenix and whochick.

You can contact us here with general questions, any problems, etc.

You can confidentially report breaches of the spoilers policy here.

Community Rules - can be found here, make sure you know them. They're sadly necessary, I'm afraid and we are evil dictators, rawr!.

Current Credits:
The idea - atraphoenix
The layout - whochick
The banner - whochick (with credit to jennicat5 for the drawing of Ten, in the hope that she'll forgive me)