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17th-Jul-2007 07:56 pm - Community Guidelines
[dw] romana ii
1. Spoiler warnings - spoilers include text, reviews, images and fic. Items will be considered spoilers until they have aired or been announced in all three major viewing regions (UK, USA and Australia). Please include a clear spoiler warning in your post and keep all spoilers behind a cut. Members who post uncut and unmarked spoilers will have their posts modded for a minimum period of two weeks. Repeat offenders will be banned. If someone posts spoilers and you think we might not know contact us here!

2. Image content - please keep all images larger than 300px in any dimension behind a cut, and no more than three teaser icons for an icon post.

3. Tags - please tag your posts appropriately. Each of you will have a tag for your claim, use it when you post. In addition, there will be generic tags like "fic" and "icons" for use by everyone. This is so the comm is easily searchable and will benefit everyone.

4. Conduct - it goes without saying that we're all here to have fun, so no flames.

We reserve the right to update the community guidelines as new situations present themselves. We will notify members of any changes to the rules.

Suggestions are always welcome!
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